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I hav been helped with my issue very professionally. Everyone is nice. But after a coupla rounds of magic mouthwash, I've only had pictures taken of my mouth and after two yrs of this my lesions on my tongue hav been gone for almost a year! They keep calling me to come back in? They even sent me a registered letter too? I called and told them that everything is cool and that I don't need any further help and that I wont be making another apt-bc I'm fine. They called me back the next day!? Well doc wants to see u... I live 40mins away and I don't drive bc I hav much BIGGER problems. I've been offa steroids for 6months. I can't afford any more apts. I hav four other docs. I wud come back if issue reoccured. But im good for now. They were totally great in all ways. BUT PLEASE STOP CALLING ME AND SENDING ME REGISTERED LETTERS BC, IM NOT COMING BACK IN!!!

- dUgG

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