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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Brian J. Jackson, D.D.S. and Gerald G. Dolgash, D.D.S., in Olympia, WA, practice a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from corrective jaw surgery to wisdom tooth removal. We can also diagnose and treat facial pain, facial injuries and TMJ disorders, and perform a full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

Drs. Jackson and Dolgash’s staff are trained in assisting with general anesthesia and I.V. sedation within our state of the art office setting.

Our office is located at 3924 Martin Way E, Olympia, WA.

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Dental Implants Olympia WA

Dental Implant Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of dental implants, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to dental implants are discussed.

Dental Implant Presentation

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Dental implants are a preferable tooth replacement option available for most patients. There are many new procedures available that can allow most patients to be candidates for dental implant placement. Tooth replacement can dramatically improve patient’s appearance, chewing function, and can help reduce bone loss associated with tooth loss. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple or replace all missing teeth. They can be used to support/retain non-removable or removable tooth replacement prosthesis (crowns, bridges, removable partial or full dentures).

For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in Olympia, WA at 360-456-8610.

Wisdom Teeth Lacey WA

Most patients don’t have enough space for their wisdom teeth to erupt properly. If there is not enough space available they are impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems that can easily go undetected for a long time. Concerns include the development of pathology, bone loss, and damage to adjacent teeth. Having impacted teeth addressed early, prior to complete development can reduces the chances of these concerns and make their removal easier with less potential for complications.